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Electronic health and safety programs are a great way to keep track of all your stats and store them all in one place. It is simple to review them and find deficiencies. All safety information is stored by project, team, or individual workers. It is easy to be compliant with all OH&S regulations when you have access to so much information. Track hazard ids, stats, incident reports, illnesses, and injuries all with the click of a button. These programs make it easy to identify potential hazards and take corrective action to prevent accidents and injuries. They also help companies investigate accidents and incidents to determine root causes and develop preventive measures. electronic health and safety programs are a valuable tool for any company wanting to improve its safety record.

We set up the whole program for you and teach your admin staff how to get the most out of the program. imagine all your current forms going away but the information appears when you click the mouse. For those companies who manage locations in multiple locations, we can have you on the same page as the head office. The stats are in real-time as well. If it happens today you will hear about it today.

you started doing invoicing electronically and even banking electronically, don’t you think it is time to change the rest of your business to electronics as well. Those of you that know about tracking trends know that the paper way is not the best. By the time you identify a trend, it is too late to do anything about it. This is simply not true when tracking items electronically. You can start to identify trends within a week of starting the program.

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Getting to Know Safety Systems

An electronic system changes your normal safety forms into web-based forms you can fill out on a tablet or iPhone. Think of it as a text message for a second. let’s say you send out a text message from your phone but you were out of the service area when you sent it.

It will hold onto the message you sent until your phone is back in cell service. Then it will send your message but it will be late. The text message has a date stamp on it when you first made it. The system uses this time to insert it into the safety management system in the correct place.

The system is programmed to know who is inputting what and when it was done. This way you get accurate stats and more importantly, it tells you who is using the system properly and who is not. Often with compliance issues, we know that some workers are doing things properly but we also know that not all workers are doing it properly.

This allows us to extend more training and resources where they are needed instead of firing it across the bow and hoping you hit something.

As an experienced Safety Consultant, I can assure you that it may be the best thing you will do for your company. Give it a try I am sure you will like the results.

Electronic Health and Safety Programs

Se-cor Programs are the most common programs out there and one of the cheapest to run by comparison to Cor Programs or ISO Programs like 45001. A program includes a safety manual with all the safe work practices and procedures written specifically for your company. You can get a temp letter of certification in two to three weeks. book or schedule an appointment with our safety specialists today.

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How do electronic safety programs charge by person or annual

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Most of them charge you per person on an annual fee. example 10 persons 2000 per year.

What are your charges to set it up

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As a general rule it is about 50% of what the program costs annualy. you set up fees are only once though unless you make major changes to your program

Will an electronic Program work with all of my other software

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The software is fairly friendly and works with most other software to varying degrees. You should check with Calibre Business Solutions to get complete clarity first

Will it work in extreme remote locations with no cell service at times

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It stores information right on the phone or tablet when there is no cell service. When there is service again it uploads it to the program.

Do I get any rebates for being safe

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With all Cor Programs including Se-cor you are eligible for up to a 20% rebate on your WCB Premiums. In companies with 50 or more workers, the savings can often pay for the cor program or at least most of it at your worksite.

Blake got us Cor Certified about 4 years ago. since then he has helped us numerous times with our health and safety programs. Gets the job done in a short turnaround time which is what our clients expect from us. Love working with Blake at Calibre Business Solutions. Thanks for everything you have done.

Danick Thibault

Safety Manager, Pro-West Refrigeration Ltd.

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About Electronic Health and Safety Programs

Electronic Health and Safety Programs are quite easy to use and workers buy into the system a lot better than with the paper-type programs most companies have today. One of the biggest problems with the paper programs is by the time you organize your papers to identify trends is that by the time you find it bad things are already happening.

With these new electronic programs, you can pick up trends in as little as 3 occurrences. Now you can act on it and save time and money since it just started.

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Blake has done my safety complete for the last 5 years. I can’t think of anybody I would rather have working with me and my company. Get Work at reasonable prices and fast delivery dates make it a pleasure working with Calibre Business Solutions.

Rene Da'Aoust

Business Owner, Wolverine Steam Services Ltd.

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