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Construction Safety Manuals

We build custom safety manuals for all types of businesses. Construction is one of the most popular industries that we serve. We will create a manual in whatever format you wish. For example, if your certifying partner is the ACSA, then you would want a manual that would align with their audit protocol and have all the practices and procedures needed to pass a cor or se-cor safety audit. Our programs have all the necessary forms, policies, practices, and procedures to meet the cor and secor protocols. We build them specifically for your business, so they are not out of the box. If you need something specific for the work you do, we create that.

Landscape Safety Manual

If you are in the business of Landscaping or Lawn Care you are definitely in luck. We build safety manuals specifically for you, the client, and the industry in general. We consult with you to find out what certifying partner you use and then build a manual that meets their specific format for the audit required for cor and se-cor. We build all the necessary operating procedures for all positions in your company. We do all the Formal Hazard IDs for each job in the company and create the required corrective actions, so your workers work as safely as possible. We provide all the necessary forms, policies, and procedures so you can be cor or se-cor compliant once you start using the manual and gathering the required documentation.

Modified Work Programs

When a worker is injured, getting back to work as quickly and effectively as possible can be difficult. That’s why your company needs to have a modified work program that helps injured workers return to their previous level of productivity as soon as possible.
There are several elements of an excellent modified work program, including:
– Proper rest and rehabilitation –

When someone is injured, they need time to heal correctly. This allows them to take regular breaks to relax and recover mentally and physically. In addition, they should refrain from strenuous activity until their injury has healed completely.
– Customized rehab programs –

Every worker is different, meaning each needs individualized treatment plans to avoid injuring themselves while trying to return to work too early.
– Individual counseling –

Workers returning home after an injury may initially feel isolated and lost. Counseling can provide them with support throughout the entire process, so they don’t feel alone or overwhelmed.

General Safety Consulting

General Consulting consists of anything you might want for your small business’s safety wize. It might be writing your formal hazard assessments to achieve your cor certification. It might be a mock audit to see how many items you must fix before your cor audit.

We do all sorts of things, from advice or consult in the cor Process to achieving your ISO certification for the first time. We build specific programs for companies when they need them. More often than not, you only know you need something once a situation arises and discover you need to address it company-wide.

Another thing we do a lot lately is help companies make the transition from paper-style safety programs to paperless programs where all the data is input by workers on cell phones or tablets. We review the existing safety program and modernize it before turning it into a digital format. Digital programs are priced by how many workers you have in your company. We have monthly programs that start at $4.00 per worker per month.

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Optimize Your Business Goals and Objectives

You need to decide what your company name and culture stand for. Most companies want to be known as a leader in their field and therefore demand the price that goes along with that prestige. This is a noble goal, but it is too broad. Culture starts with safety and how you, as a company, deal with adversity. When something happens that is entirely unexpected.

For example, say something happens, and a client refuses to pay for something because one of your workers forgot to do something important. Do you use it as a learning moment and make sure everybody is aware of the new way of doing things, or do you not pay everyone involved because you did not get paid?

I know companies that have done it both ways. As the expression goes, there is no I in team. While this way will be cheaper for the company, it will not get you any kind of culture that will benefit, your company in the long run. In order to be known as a leader and innovator you must first be known by your own workforce.

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Our Consulting Rate is $95.00 per hour, which covers everything in safety. We can do it if you need a whole safety program or your Formal Hazard IDs written for you. We offer Packages for larger projects and hourly rates on the minor stuff.

We even maintain small companies’ health and safety programs by the month for digital only. Yes,, we can set you up with a digital program, and the program will email forms to people as they become due. For example, if you are a supervisor in the shop, you will get an email monthly with a shop inspection form telling you it is time to do this month’s shop inspection.

If you are a supervisor, it will email you on the yearly anniversary of a worker to remind you to do an annual review of their performance. We have a checklist and ensure that everybody who got an email to do something within the safety program has completed their tasks.

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What We Can Do For You

We offer all of our new clients or potential clients a one-hour free consultation so you can find out how we work, and we can find out exactly what you need from us. After one hour, if you don’t feel we are the right fit for your company, you don’t owe us a thing. Also, everything you tell us about your business is confidential, and we won’t share it unless we are bound by law.

Modified Work Program

Wcb premiums and how they are calculated are extremely complex but let me assure you that even one claim registered against your wcb account can lose you lots of work

Isnetworld Compliance

We set up isn accounts usually within 72 hours and you will be cleared to go to work

Cor Safety Programs

Looking to get Cor Certified and have no idea where to start. We can do as much or as little as you want.

Se-Cor Safety Programs

Need a Se-cor Safety Program. We can get you certified in 3 months, plus a temporary letter within two weeks.

From Our Founder

Make Your Own Opportunities

Safety is a Culture that takes quite a long time to build up, and just a few careless acts annihilate it. What I mean by that is simple, Everybody does safety when it is scripted or easy, but when the challenging parts hit, who is still doing safety? Here is an example, lets say you are a truck driver, and you have been on the road for two weeks, and you are almost home for a break. You are 2 hours away from home on a sunny afternoon when your driving time on your hours of service runs out. Do you stop for your minimum 8 hours of rest or drive home and hope for the best?

Sometimes it is hard to make the right or legal choices, and what message do you send to your workers about doing the right thing? Your decisions as a leader trickle down to all the workers and affect your safety culture. Do you want to be known as a safe company that does your best all the time or that guy who does safety when it is convenient and when it is not, you do whatever comes to mind?

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