SE-COR Safety Programs

SE-COR Health & Safety programs our most popular product and is common for small businesses to get.

Doing Se-Cor Audits

For those of you who have never done one before, Se-cor audits can be slightly intimidating if you’re not sure what the literature is asking of you. We review the documentation that you have and make polite and courteous suggestions as to what you need to add documentation-wise to your audit so it will pass.

We label everything in sections and lay it out in a binder so that all the information is clear and then we scan it and make a digital copy for you so you can use the digital company as a reference for next year, so you don’t have to keep hiring a safety company to do your audits

We guarantee that you will pass your audit with our help. We have been compiling Se-cor audits for ten years now and have the right amount of experience to complete the task for you. All of our work is guaranteed, and if you don’t pass your Se-cor, you will get 100% of your money back.

See why so many people use Calibre Business Solutions Inc. for their audit needs. Click on the link in the next column if you’re on a mobile phone and give us a call and see how we can help you with your Se-cor audit.

Custom Se-Cor Safety Programs

SE-COR  Safety programs are our most popular product and are common for small businesses to get. I should mention right off the top that SE-COR Health & Safety programs are not always accepted by larger companies you might like to work with. It is up to you to contact the contracting organization and make sure they accept the SE-COR safety program.

If you are looking for a SE-COR program or advice on starting a program, you have come to the right place. We have been building safety programs for 15 years and have vast experience and understanding in all aspects of the process. We often save clients? money by giving them advice based on their needs. Some people will give poor advice based on what they want, just to make a sale. At Calibre Business Solutions Inc., we pride ourselves on giving advice that is true, accurate, and most importantly, based on your needs.

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Se-cor Health and Safety Programs

We build safety programs for all different types of companies. Whether you are working in Oil & Gas or Mining, Construction or Farming we have the program for you. We even help you with your first Se-cor audit so you are guaranteed to pass. Programs ready in under 2 weeks and in most cases we can get you a temporary letter of certification good for a whole year. Audits in Alberta can be done after 3 months of data collecting.

Safety Program Maintenance

Let us manage your safety program for you. We will do all the inspections, incident investigations, all reporting to Isnetworld, and comply works. prepare and do the audits annually. Run the health and Safety meetings monthly, It can be done by phone because of COVID – 19. Focus on running your business in these trying times. Often our price for running your Health and Safety is cheaper than if you were to hire someone full-time to do it. Call for a quote today.

Safety Consulting Services

Not sure about how to do certain things in health and safety. We can help quite often over the phone or on a zoom call. It does not matter these days where you are from help is just a phone call away. Phone and let us know your problem and we will research the solutions and hop on zoom and work with you to resolve it. Everything is kept in the strictest of confidence also. Need a modified work program, Need Covid advice on how to meet health regulations. Just give us a call.

Processes for the Se-cor Safety Programs

There are a few things you should know about Secor programs right from the beginning.just because you have a safety manual does not mean that you automatically have a Secor or a cor program.

You must implement the program and lead by example more than anything else. The workers need to know that safety is important to you the owner before you will get any buy in whatsoever from the workers.

Having said that we include all the materials required in the safety manual for you to achieve your Secor certification. We will help you implement it and educate the workers on the importance of safety in the workplace.

We will help you complete your certification audit and submit it on your behalf. We will help you every step of the way to get Secor certified and by the end of the process, you will be fully capable of sustaining the program without our other words, you will only have to pay us once to get it all set up and running for you and your only fees after that will be to the certifying partner for their annual fees.

We have helped more than 500 companies just like yours get Secor certified in the last 13 years. We sincerely look forward to helping you get your certification in the Secor world.

Important Facts about SE-COR

Some municipalities do accept Se-cor while others don’t accept it. For the most part, it is recognized and accepted in most industries across Canada. Some examples of companies that won’t accept SE-COR Health & Safety Programs are the City of Edmonton in some circumstances. The city of Calgary has accepted them at times and refused them at times.

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For Exact Pricing call or email for a quote with specifics of your circumstances

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We will get your SE-COR ? GUARANTEED! We even do your first audit for you, so success is as easy as a call away. It does not matter what industry you are in, we can build a manual for you. We will cut through all the technical terms and red tape and show you what you need to do to maintain your safety program. Over 80% or our customers manage all aspects of the program moving forward, and you can do it too.

Over 66% or our clients are repeat customers

Give us a call and see why. Let us show you why to give our program designers a call; you will be glad you did. Let us do the set up while you concentrate on what you do best, managing your business!

Use our easy sign-up page on the website and we will register you with a certifying partner and submit the program to get you a temporary letter of certification. We can even make separate books for trucks, shops, and temp work sites.

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SE-COR is accepted widely in most industries but it is not accepted everywhere. Check with the company you intend to do work for and make sure a Se-cor Safety program is write for you before you buy one. SE-COR has different standards in each of the provinces. Here is what they are:

  • British Columbia will allow up to 19 workers before an employer must switch to a COR or large employer safety program.
  • Alberta will only allow up to 10 people in a SE-COR program before you must switch to large employer safety program.
  • Saskatchewan will only allow 10 people in a SE-COR Safety program before you must switch to COR or large employer safety program.
  • Manitoba will allow 19 people in a SE-COR program before you need to switch to large employer cor.
  • Ontario does not offer the SE-COR program so all employers must get a cor program. Please go to COR Program page to check out what you will need.