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Calibre health and safety services offer unique offers. Protect your most valuable assets on the worksite. A Se-Cor Safety Program will do just that. It provides a system in which hazards are identified and eliminated to keep the workers Safe.

Se-Cor Safety Programs

We are a fully functional Safety Services Company Located in the City of Grande Prairie Alberta.  We Build Cor and Se-cor Safety Programs for any type of business whether it is construction-based or works with Oil and Gas. We do isnetworld compliance as well as General Safety Consulting.


Available 'round the Clock

Safety doesn't take holidays. whether it is 5:00 am or 9:00 o'clock on a Saturday night if you need us we will be there. We are only a phone call away and in most cases, we are a Safety Services Company we can solve whatever problems you are having with a phone call. Keep this Number Handy  780-832-5158 and just ask for Blake Cowan

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We Offer Health and Safety Services. All of the work is guaranteed or your money back. We fully back our work and our advice 100%. We are not going to give you bad advice and then look the other way when trouble comes. We don't know everything of course but we will always research the topic and warn you of the possible issues along the way. We are a Safety Services company we are everything you would want a safety partner to be. 

Free Consultations

We offer 100 percent free consultations on all of our products. when we are working for you we don't just bill you we discuss any changes that might have a difference in the cost and offer you solutions that will fit your budget.

You will always know your cost upfront for larger projects and we will give you weekly reports so you can see how your money is being spent. We are a big believer in transparency and honesty because without them what do you really have.

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