The Building Blocks to Cor and Se-cor Certification

Welcome to Calibre Business Solutions Inc., a trailblazer in safety consulting across Canada, specializing in crafting all-encompassing COR (Certificate of Recognition) and SECOR (Small Employer Certificate of Recognition) Health and Safety programs. We aim to arm your business with sturdy safety strategies that shield your workforce, enhance operational efficiency, and ensure thorough compliance with industry-specific regulations.

Pain Points

Time-Consuming Time Consuming Process: Achieving a Health and Safety Certification takes a lot of resources and technical skill, and know-how

Calibre Business Solutions Inc. reduces the time you invest in achieving safety certification by handling all aspects of the safety program development, from creating a customized safety manual to training your staff.

Navigating Regulations: Understanding and Complying with Federal, Provincial, Industry and OH&S Can be Difficult.

Our safety professionals are well-versed in safety regulations across all provinces and territories in Canada. They ensure your safety program is compliant with all relevant regulations.

Training Staff: Properly training Staff on the Safety Program is essential but it can be challenging due to the complexity of the information.

We provide comprehensive training to your chosen company representative, equipping them with the knowledge and skills to implement and maintain the safety program effectively.

Maintaining Certification: Once achieved, maintaining Safety Certification requires Constant Vigilance and regular updates

Calibre Business Solutions Inc. offers ongoing support to ensure your safety program remains up-to-date and compliant, relieving you of the burden of continuous monitoring and adjustments.

Managing Workplace Injuries: Dealing with Workplace Injuries can be daunting, using modified work programs can be confusing

In the event of a workplace injury, our safety programs include modified work programs designed to facilitate the injured worker’s speedy return to the workforce, thereby maintaining productivity and keeping compensation premiums low.

Value Your Time, Invest in Safety

Creating a safety manual, educating your team on its use, and maintaining the program’s relevance over time are complex and time-demanding. It could easily consume over 150 hours, a significant investment that could otherwise be channeled toward your core business functions.

At Calibre, we recognize that time is a precious commodity. Our commitment is to offer you safety solutions that protect your workforce and liberate your time, empowering you to focus on the expansion and prosperity of your business.


Inclusive Modified Work Programs for Injured Employees

In the unfortunate event of a workplace injury, our safety programs include modified work plans designed to facilitate a quick and smooth reintegration into the workforce.

By expediting a quicker return to work, these modified work programs benefit your employees and help maintain productivity levels, while also keeping your compensation premiums low.

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Se-cor Health and Safety Programs

We build safety programs for all different types of companies. Whether you are working in Oil & Gas or Mining, Construction or Farming we have the program for you. We even help you with your first Se-cor audit so you are guaranteed to pass. Programs ready in under 2 weeks and in most cases we can get you a temporary letter of certification good for a whole year. Audits in Alberta can be done after 3 months of data collecting.

Safety Program Maintenance

Let us manage your safety program for you. We will do all the inspections, incident investigations, all reporting to Isnetworld, and comply works. prepare and do the audits annually. Run the health and Safety meetings monthly, It can be done by phone because of COVID – 19. Focus on running your business in these trying times. Often our price for running your Health and Safety is cheaper than if you were to hire someone full-time to do it. Call for a quote today.

Safety Consulting Services

Not sure about how to do certain things in health and safety. We can help quite often over the phone or on a zoom call. It does not matter these days where you are from help is just a phone call away. Phone and let us know your problem and we will research the solutions and hop on zoom and work with you to resolve it. Everything is kept in the strictest of confidence also. Need a modified work program, Need Covid advice on how to meet health regulations. Just give us a call.

Customized Safety Protocols

Every industry is unique, and so is every business within it. Be it construction, mining, farming or any other sector, our seasoned safety professionals are adept at devising safety programs tailored to your precise business needs.

Our approach kicks off with an extensive analysis of your operational environment, enabling us to identify specific safety risks and compliance mandates that come to your industry. We then formulate a bespoke safety program addressing these risks while ensuring full adherence to all relevant safety regulations.

From risk evaluation guidelines to emergency management procedures, we provide a complete set of documents that form the foundation of your safety program.

Training for Robust Implementation

A safety program’s efficacy is gauged by its execution. We design your safety program and ensure it’s seamlessly incorporated across your organization. We deliver comprehensive training to your chosen company representative, equipping them with the skills and knowledge to administer the program successfully.

Nationwide Expertise

With an extensive footprint across all provinces and territories in Canada, our team offers a wide-ranging perspective. We comprehend the subtleties of regional safety requirements and utilize this knowledge to ensure your safety program adheres to provincial and national regulations.

Fast-Track Your Certification Process

Achieving safety certification can be a lengthy and complex journey without expert assistance. With Calibre as your ally, you can accelerate this process, securing safety certification within months instead of years.

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What Our Client’s Are Saying

Good company to work with. Helped us get set up with a proper safety program in a timely manner and for a very reasonable price. We have been using Calibre Business Solutions for several years now. We started using them for a COR and have continued to use their services for our health and safety program. We have been using Blake and his over the last 10 years. Blake and his team have always been very punctual and knowledgeable in the health and safety field and we would recommend his services to anyone trying to establish or maintain a proper H & S program

Danick Thibault

Operations Manager, Pro-West Refrigeration Ltd.

Valuable to any business. My small business could not operate without the help and guidance of Blake at Calibre Business Solutions.
I highly recommend.
Thank you.
Wolverine Steam Services.

Rene D'Aoust

President, Wolverine Steam Services Ltd.

Helpful, kind and solution seeking services! Blake was patient and professional in his assessment and creation of our safety program

Brightside Farms

Owner, Brightside Farms

For Exact Pricing, Call or Email for a Quote with Specifics of your Circumstances

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Benefits of Working with Calibre Business Solutions Inc.

In the thrilling instance of an unexpected mishap at your workplace, our meticulously engineered safety programs are your superhero! We’ve crafted dynamic, personalized work plans to seamlessly transition your injured employees back to the heart of the action.

With our solutions, your team members won’t just return to work, they’ll sprint back, excited and equipped to contribute their skills once again. This not only keeps your team morale high but also ensures that productivity keeps roaring like a well-oiled engine.

Let’s not forget the incredible bonus of slashing those pesky compensation premiums. Now, isn’t that a treat? Feel confident and rest easy knowing your company’s pulse stays strong and your budget stays sound, even when the unexpected strikes.

Join us, and discover the perfect balance of safety, productivity, and cost-effectiveness!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Industries does Calibre Business Solutions Inc. Serve?

We serve various industries, including construction, mining, farming, and more. Our team of safety professionals has the expertise to create individualized safety programs that cater to the unique needs of each industry.

How does Calibre Ensure the implementation of the Safety Program?

We offer comprehensive training to your company representative, providing them with the knowledge and skills to effectively manage and oversee the program. We ensure your representative can implement, maintain, and update your safety program.

How Quickly can we Achieve Safety Certification with Calibre's Assistance?

With our expert guidance, you can expect to achieve safety certification in months instead of years. We streamline the process, guiding you through each step from preparation and application to audit and certification.

What Is Included in the Modified Work Programs?

Our modified work programs are designed to facilitate a speedy and smooth return to the workforce for injured employees. These programs ensure workers can return in a capacity that suits their physical capabilities while enabling employers to retain valuable staff and maintain productivity.

How does Calibre stay updated with all the Safety Regulations

We continuously monitor changes in safety regulations across all provinces and territories in Canada. Our team is dedicated to staying abreast of evolving safety laws, ensuring your safety program remains updated and compliant.

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Health and Safety | corteksafety |

Take Action Today for a Safer Tomorrow

A safe workplace isn’t just an obligation—it’s a commitment to your team’s well-being, your company’s reputation, and your bottom line. At Calibre Business Solutions Inc., we’re ready to help you elevate your safety standards, protect your workforce, and navigate the complexities of compliance.

Don’t leave safety to chance. Contact us today to discuss your unique safety needs and learn how our tailored safety solutions can empower your business. Let us take the burden of safety management off your shoulders, so you can focus on what you do best: building and growing your business.

Remember, when you choose Calibre, you choose a safer, more efficient workplace. Your safety is our business. Let’s build a safer future together.

Act now. Secure your business. Secure your future with Calibre Business Solutions Inc.

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