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Published on: May 28, 2023
Safety Consutants

safety consultantsAs a business owner, you want your employees to feel safe and secure while they work. However, keeping up with your industry’s safety regulations and requirements can take time and effort. That’s where safety consultants come in. They are experts in workplace safety and can help you protect your business from potential risks. This blog will discuss why you should hire a safety consultant, what they do, the benefits of hiring them, and how to choose the right one for your business. We will also cover safety program development for large and small employers and online employee safety training. Furthermore, we will highlight the importance of compliance with safety regulations and offer support and resources for businesses with safety programs. With our “Your Safety Is Our Business” approach, we aim to provide top-notch consulting services that prioritize your business’s well-being.

Why Hire Safety Consultants?

Hiring safety consultants can provide valuable expertise in identifying and managing potential workplace hazards, developing effective safety protocols and training programs, reducing the risk of accidents and injuries, and ensuring compliance with OSHA regulations and industry standards. It is a proactive step towards protecting your business from legal liabilities.

What Safety Consultants Do

Experienced safety professionals provide occupational hygiene assessments, safety program development, and safety training. Regular safety audits and inspections ensure compliance with regulations and promote a workplace safety culture.

Benefits of Hiring Safety Consultants

Protect your workforce by hiring a safety professional who can identify potential hazards and develop customized safety programs while ensuring compliance with regulations. Improve your workplace’s safety culture with their specialized knowledge and expertise.

Certification Requirements for Safety Consultants in Canada

Certification from professional organizations like CRSP and BCRSP is mandatory for becoming a safety consultant in Canada. It ensures that consultants possess the necessary skills for effective safety solutions. Employers prefer certified consultants for liability and risk management.

Safety Consulting Services in Alberta, British Columbia, and Saskatchewan

Safety consultants in Alberta, British Columbia, and Saskatchewan offer customized safety training, audits, inspections, and policies to ensure regulatory compliance.

How to Choose the Right Safety Consultant for Your Businesssafety consultants

To find the right safety consultant for your business, consider their workplace safety expertise, certifications, and ability to communicate well with your team. Look for experience in your industry, evaluate past success, and review their approach to safety culture.

Safety Program Development for Large Employers

Comprehensive safety program development is essential for large employers to comply with regulations. Consider occupational health, certification, workplace safety, and hygiene. Regular inspections and a culture of safety will help achieve your safety goals.

Safety Program Development for Small Employers

Developing an effective safety program for small businesses requires a comprehensive risk assessment, policies and procedures development, and regular training updates. Professional safety consultants can aid the process for better workplace safety practices.

Online Safety Training for Employees

Customized online safety training programs can boost workplace safety and employee morale. Gain expertise in workplace safety with our courses designed for your specific business needs.

Importance of Compliance with Safety Regulationssafety consultants

Identifying potential hazards, mitigating risks, and implementing safety measures are crucial for complying with safety regulations. Safety consultants can help businesses avoid legal and financial penalties while improving employee morale and productivity. They can also enhance a company’s reputation and attract new clients with their expertise in workplace safety.

Support and Resources for Businesses with Safety Programs

Effective safety program development from trained consultants includes policy training, procedure education, audits, and regulation compliance. Consultants keep workplaces safe and up-to-date with all industry standards.

traffic barriersThe Value of a Culture of Safety

Prioritizing employee well-being with a strong culture of safety can reduce costs and improve workplace morale. Safety professionals provide training, risk assessments, and emergency response plans to safeguard your workforce.

On-Site Safety

This consulting firm provides customized safety solutions, on-site training, safety program development, and OSHA compliance support. They identify potential threats and ensure workplace safety.

Consulting Services

Maximizing workplace safety is crucial. Consultants identify hazards, provide training, and save money. Customized solutions ensure regulatory compliance while supporting a culture of safety. Invest in your employees’ well-being today.

“Your Safety Is Our Business”

As a business owner concerned about workplace safety and compliance with regulations in Canada, trust the team of experts at “Your Safety Is Our Business.” Our certified and experienced safety professionals provide customized training programs, risk assessments, and emergency response plans unique to your needs for a safer work site.

Our Consulting Services

calibre logoCalibre Business Solutions Inc. provides customized solutions for safety program development, training, and compliance inspections. Invest in occupational health and safety programs to protect your workforce from potential hazards. Let us help you achieve your safety goals today.


Workplace safety is paramount, and occupational health and safety programs are designed to protect businesses and workers from potential hazards. These programs comprise risk assessments, safety training, emergency preparedness plans, occupational hygiene, ergonomics, WHMIS, and more. Professional safety consultants in Canada can help your business comply with regulations and develop a comprehensive plan for employee protection.


Frequently Asked Questions


What is a safety consultant?

A safety consultant is an expert who assists businesses in recognizing and avoiding workplace hazards. They evaluate the work environment for potential risks, establish safety protocols, and train employees on safety regulations. Employing a safety consultant can help businesses evade expensive accidents and legal responsibilities.

Why hire a safety consultant?

Hiring a safety consultant can benefit your business in various ways. They bring expertise to identify workplace hazards and develop customized safety plans, ensuring compliance with safety regulations while reducing the risk of accidents and injuries. This improves morale and helps avoid costly legal issues.

What is a Joint Health and Safety Committee (JHSC)?

man workingA Joint Health and Safety Committee is a team of workers and management representatives collaborating to identify and solve workplace health and safety problems. They inspect the workplace, investigate incidents, recommend improvements, keep records, and report to the employer. In Canada, having a JHSC is compulsory for specific business sizes or industries in some provinces or territories.

What are the benefits of using a safety consultant?

Employing a safety consultant comes with benefits such as hazard identification and recommendations for improvement. They help businesses adhere to safety regulations and prevent costly penalties, boosting employee morale and minimizing worker compensation claims. Ongoing support, training, and resources also ensure a safe work environment.

Is it better to hire an external or internal safety consultant?

Choosing between an external or internal safety consultant depends on specific business needs. External consultants bring expertise and a fresh perspective but cost more. Internal consultants offer a better understanding of company culture but may need more specialized knowledge. Evaluate the budget, scope of work, and long-term goals before deciding.

Is your business safe and ready for an inspection?

worker checking a pipeTo ensure your business is safe and ready for inspection, consider hiring safety consultants who can identify potential hazards and recommend mitigating them. Regular safety inspections are essential to prevent accidents and protect employees and the business. Prioritizing safety and proactivity in maintaining a safe work environment is crucial.

What does a safety consultant do?

A safety consultant is an expert who advises businesses on maintaining a safe workplace. They assess workplaces for potential hazards and help create safety protocols and training programs. Additionally, they offer ongoing support to ensure compliance with safety regulations.


In conclusion, hiring a safety consultant is crucial for protecting your business and ensuring compliance with safety regulations. They bring expertise, experience, and objectivity to the table and help you develop effective safety programs that meet your unique needs. By investing in safety consulting services, you are investing in the well-being of your employees and the longevity of your business. Our Calibre Business Solutions Inc. team offers customized consulting services catering to small and large businesses in Alberta, British Columbia, and Saskatchewan. We believe in “Your Safety Is Our Business” and strive to create a safety culture through on-site safety