Se-Cor Audits

Se-cor Audits for health and safety programs. We gather all the information from you that is needed for an audit. We compile all the information into the audit format of the certifying partner.

If you are missing any documents, we will supply them to you or explain what you need to do to become compliant with the audit question. This service is ideal for those who are not that familiar with Se-cor Safety audits and need that extra bit of guidance.

If you don’t have any documentation, we can build you a se-cor program that will include all the documents you need for your se-cor certification. Part of this package is the audit is actually included in the price, so you get certified plus you get a manual with all the required documentation.

Safety Program Maintenance

Safety Program Maintenance is a Service we offer to small businesses in which we look after all the paperwork for their health and safety program and do the regular audits annually. The benefit to the customer is that it’s one less thing they have to worry about and they know that their Safety Program is being kept up-to-date. We have Safety Specialists who are knowledgeable about the current legislation and requirements, so our customers can be confident that they are compliant. We also offer other Safety Services such as consulting, training, and conducting Safety Audits. Contact us today to find out how we can help you with your Safety Program.

Modified Work Programs

A Modified Work Program (MWP) is a plan designed to help an injured worker transition back to his or her regular job duties. The program is created by the employer in consultation with the injured employee, their physician, and a case manager. The goal of an MWP is to return the employee to work as soon as possible, while still accommodating their injury. MWPs can be very successful in reducing workers’ compensation costs, as they allow the employee to stay on the job and earn their regular wages while they recover. Additionally, MWPs provide employees with a sense of purpose and belonging during their recovery, which can speed up the healing process. If you are considering implementing a Modified Work Program at your company, be sure to consult with Calibre Business Solutions to see what type of program is right for you.

Se-Cor Safety Programs

Maintaining a safe and healthy workplace is a vital part of any business. Not only is it the law, but it also makes good business sense. A Se-cor Safety Program can help you to meet your legal obligations and ensure that your workplace is safe for employees and customers alike. A safety consultant can help you to keep up with all the latest legislation and identify any gaps in your safety program. They can also advise you on how to update your policies and procedures to ensure that they are fit for your purpose. With their help, you can be confident that your workplace is safe and compliant with the law.

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Maintaining Isnetworld

Maintaining an Isnetworld account can be a daunting task for any safety consultant. There are many moving parts to the account and it is always changing. Ravs will be updated monthly as new regulations and requirements come out. Insurance will be uploaded to the account on a regular basis to ensure that you are always in compliance when you go to the worksite. The most important part of maintaining your account is to keep up with the changes and make sure that all of the required documentation is uploaded in a timely manner. Doing so will allow you to focus on your job and not worry about whether or not your account is in good standing.

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Safety Program Maintenance

Safety is essential in any workplace. A well-designed health and safety program can help to prevent accidents and injuries, protect workers, and improve productivity. However, effective Safety Program Maintenance requires more than just putting a policy in place. Annual audits help to ensure that the program is being followed and that any necessary changes are made in a timely manner. Safety meetings provide an opportunity for employees to voice their concerns and offer suggestions for improvement. New worker orientations ensure that everybody understands the expectations and knows how to stay safe on the job. By taking these steps, companies can create a safer work environment and minimize the risk of liabilities.

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