SE-COR Certification: Cool Way to Boost Safety!

Let Us Build your Se-cor Safety Program for you specifically for the type of business you run.

Tired of:


Being Rejected becuase of safety stats

Many large companies want you to have your Se-cor or Cor certification before they will even talk about hiring you.


Trying to find policies or procedures for your programs

It can be a nightmare trying to find policies and write procedures for the work you do. It can take up to 100 hours to find all the stuff for a safety program.


Paying High Premiums for WCB

Did you Know incidents and accidents stay on your WCB Record for 3 years? Even 1 incident where a worker is off for two weeks will drive your injury frequency rate up high enough that most prime contractors won’t hire you anymore. By the time you find out what is going on it is far too late to do anything about it.


Not having forms for various Processes you do

It may seem silly but forms are the way we collect data for the safety program. Without the forms, we don’t have any data and without the  data, we don’t know how our program is doing and how we can improve it going forward


Poor Planning and Job Execution

Part of the Se-cor Program is to determine what type of training is needed for all positions within the company. This helps when hiring personnel as you now have minimal requirements for each job. You will have far fewer incidents when hiring qualified personnel for each position.

What is included in a Se-cor Program


Company Policies

There are about 12 policies included in the Se-cor Program. Depending on the Certifying partner you choose there could be 15 or more included.


Procedures written specifically for the type of work your company does.

We consult with you to find out the specific type of work you do and then we write all the procedures for you. Some programs have over 50 different procedures included in the program.


Modified Work Program

We include a modified work program in your se-cor program. A value of $500.00 when sold separately.


Drug & Alcohol Program

A comprehensive drug & Alcohol Program using the Canadian Model accepted by all major companies in Canada and the USA.


Se-cor Safety Program Audit

An audit is performed by us on your new safety program and submitted on your behalf to make sure you actually get your certification for the Se-cor Program. This is part of the package deal for the Se-cor Program and is Worth $900.00 if done seperately.

What our client’s say:

Yes I would recommend Calibre Business Solutions Inc. Good to work with someone with the knowledge and experience in setting up our safety program to fit our business.

Mark Bryanton

Consultant, White Cap Resources

We have been using Blake and Calibre Business Solutions Inc. since June of 2018. He set up our safety program, and also set up our ISNET and Complyworks accounts and is currently looking after both accounts for us as well. 

Blake has also been doing our SECOR audit for us as well since June 2018.

Blake has been excellent to deal with. Any little thing I need help with, he has taken the time to explain anything that I have asked.  He has been a very valuable part of our operation.  

Darrin Seidel

CEO, Rebound Oilfield Services Ltd.

Blake helped us with our SECOR audit and was very helpful. He guided us through practical and speedy solutions in a kind manner. We would recommend his services wholeheartedly!

Shirley Huth

CEO, Mar-Rik Trucking

Grab all these benefits now:

Business Strategy

COR is more than a certificate and a bidding tactic; it’s a business strategy. With the certificate of recognition in your hands, your company will be recognized by the industries throughout Canada for following the national standard for workplace safety practices.

Bid for Government Projects and Other Bigger Projects

With COR in your possession, you can bid for government projects and other large contracts, for which the certificate of recognition is a pre-requisite. This certificate can be beneficial for your business as it is the key to unlock large and lucrative deals for your company.

TEAM Alliance

Getting a certification isn’t just a one-man’s job. All your employees are part of having a COR for your company. It requires everyone’s participation that leads to achievements and enhances the productivity and efficiency of your workers.

Reduces the Risks of Workplace Mishaps

Risk management is the main focus of COR. The certification requires strict adherence to compliance standards that are process-driven as it is. It means that it will entail a thorough creation, completion, and updates, and maintenance of safety-related documentation that helps your staff plan and prevent accidents and incidents in the workplace.


Se-cor Safety Program Today.

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