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Health and Safety

Are you concerned about your employees’ safety on the job? Are you looking for an insurance and compliance specialist who can help you keep your business safe and compliant? Look no further than Calibre Business Solutions Inc., specialists in health and safety. Our team of experts can help you design, implement, and maintain a health and safety program that meets all your specific needs. From hazard identification to accident prevention, we have everything you need to keep your employees safe. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you stay on the right track.

inspector and foreman on oil and gas site

Do you work with Oil and Gas Companies

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Yes we build health and safety programs for all types of businesses whether you are in Mining, oil, and gas, or farming we can help

How long does it take to get Cor Certified.

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It depends specifically on your industry but usually you can do a cor audit after 3 months of gathering your documentation

How much does a Se-Cor Certification cost

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It costs $3000.00 plus the fees for the certifying partner which are about $800.00

Does your company work with Isn, Complyworks, Avetta and other 3rd party verification services

Yes, Calibre works with Isn, Complyworks, Avetta, Contractor Check, and all other 3rd party verification services

Do you do ISO 450001 programs and 9001 programs

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Yes we do ISO programs of all types, if you have a 9001 quality control program then you should be running the 450001 instead of the Cor or Se-Cor Process.

Available 'round the Clock

Safety doesn't take holidays. whether it is 5:00 am or 9:00 o'clock on a Saturday night if you need us we will be there. We are only a phone call away and in most cases, we are a Safety Services Company we can solve whatever problems you are having with a phone call. Keep this Number Handy  780-832-5158 and just ask for Blake Cowan

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We Offer Safety Consulting. All of the work is guaranteed or your money back. We fully back our work and our advice 100%. We will not give you bad advice and then look the other way when trouble comes. We don't know everything, of course, but we will always research the topic and warn you of the possible issues along the way. We are a Safety Services company we are everything you would want a safety partner to be.

Free Consultations

We offer 100 percent free consultations on all of our products. when we are working for you we don't just bill you we discuss any changes that might have a difference in the cost and offer you solutions that will fit your budget. We are Professional Safety Consultants operating in the field of Health and Safety in the workplace.

You will always know your cost upfront for larger projects, and we will give you weekly reports so you can see how your money is being spent. We are big believers in transparency and honesty because without them, what do you have? We offer the best Health and Safety Consulting in the Area. Just check out our reviews on Google.

Workplace Safety Consultants

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